1993 SCMA Award Winners


Entertainer of Year

Johner Brothers


Group Of Year

Johner Brothers


Single Of Year

Where The Highway Divides – Johner Brothers


Record Producers

Bart McKay and Brad Johner


Female Vocalist

Nadine Urlacher


Most Promising

Nadine Urlacher


Male Vocalist

Ian Eaton


Vocal Collaboration

Clint and Carla Carrigan


Song of the Year

Night Of Romance – Clint and Carla Carrigan, Rod Gjerde


Gospel Album

Double Portion


All Star Band

Bass – Dale Adams
Guitar – Freddie Pelletier
Drums – Brett Brissaw
Keys – Bart McKay
Steel – Randle Currie
Fiddle – Brian Sklar
Specialty – Robin Pelletier


Country Music Person

Brian Sklar


Album of the Year

Live and Smokin’ – Brian Sklar


On Air Personality

Rod Kitter/CJWW


Music Director

Dawn Lemke/CJWW


Radio Station



Country Club

Deputy’s, Prince Albert


Booking Agent

Northwind Talent – Robert Hodgins


Manager of Year

Dennis Cann


Non-Touring Band

Northern Connection


Recording Studio

Creative House / Saskatoon


TV Show

No. 1 West


Legends and Legacy

Slim Wilson (Dolman)


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