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Award Season is just around the corner.

The nomination/application ballot is your opportunity, as a member, to reward other S.C.M.A. members who have made an impact on Saskatchewan country music over the last year. This year, some changes have been made to the process. The majority of  awards will either be by nomination or application.  Please check the award rules for further details. The 2021 awards rules and regulations, along with a summary of changes for this award season, can be found  under the Awards tab, or in the Member sign in area. It is important that each nomination/application be completely filled out. Please read the instructions carefully and be sure your nomination/application is complete to reduce any risk of having your nomination/application rejected.

The timeline for this year’s voting process is as follows:

Nomination/Application Ballot – November 15th to November 28th

First Ballot – December 20th to January 9th

Second Ballot – January 17th to January 30th

Final Ballot – February 7th to February 20th

Members, Click the link below to take you to the ballot. If you are a non-member and wish to join the organization, you’ll find the application under About Us>Membership Information

2021 Awards Ballot



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